ASICS Nimbus Mirai

ASICS Nimbus Mirai

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The NIMBUS MIRAI™ shoe has been specially designed so it can be recycled at the end of its life. So please return them for recycling when you’re done.

  • Single material upper: Made from uniform recyclable polyester with no overlays to enable efficient disassembly.
  • ASICS ORIGINAL GLUE: Provides durable bond between sole and upper that can also be pulled apart easily for recycling.
  • FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO midsole: Delivers soft and lasting cushioning, made from approximately 24% renewable sources such as leftovers from sugar cane processing.

Each NIMBUS MIRAI™ will emit just 6.1kg of CO₂e across its lifecycle.

  • Material – 4.1kg
  • Manufacturing – 0.7kg
  • Transport – 0.4kg
  • Use – 0.1kg
  • End-of-life – 0.8kg