Garmin Instinct 2X Solar

Garmin Instinct 2X Solar

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The Garmin Instinct 2X Solar is rugged enough to keep up with your adventures.

This watch is tough and will track your adventure for days thanks to its expansive solar charging lens that extends the battery life. It powers the advanced training features for a number of built-in sports apps, health and wellness tracking and other smartwatch features.

The Instinct 2X Solar helps you navigate your way on runs, hikes, backcountry skiing and other activities by using the multiple frequencies sent by navigation satellites to pinpoint your position in areas where GNSS signals are reflected, weak or don’t exist. You also can use the ABC sensors that include an altimeter for elevation data, a barometer to monitor weather changes and a three-axis electronic compass to find your way.

Getting lost is a thing of the past with Tracback® routing that helps you take the same route back to your starting point. You can also keep track of a known place, such as your car or the trailhead, relative to your position to find your way back. Plus, if you are in the dark, a built-in multi-LED flashlight provides variable intensities and strobe that match your running cadence so you can see.

There are safety and tracking features if you feel unsafe or if your watch senses that an incident occurred—the phone can send a message with your location to your emergency contacts when it is paired with a compatible smartphone.

Do more of what you love with preloaded activity profiles for running, obstacle course racing, HIIT workouts, cycling, swimming, skiing, golf and more. You can track your times, paces, VO2 Max, distances and other data to help you train smarter. Plus, if you don’t know what type of workout you want to do, Garmin has daily suggested workouts that adapt after every run or ride.

The Instinct 2X Solar also has your standard Garmin smartwatch functions. You can receive emails, texts and alerts right on your phone with your compatible smartphone. It also has health monitoring by tracking your heart rate, steps, sleep score, body battery™, Pulse Ox and more.

Whether you are going on a multi-day (or week) hiking trip, doing an obstacle course race or just want a rugged and durable watch, the Garmin Instinct 2X Solar can help you with your next challenge.

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