Garmin Venu 3

Garmin Venu 3

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Get a complete view of your health with the Garmin Venu 3.

One watch to track everything—perfect for your active lifestyle. The Garmin Venu 3 allows you to track your workouts, sleep quality, step count, health and fitness insights and more so you can make the most out of everything you do.

What you will love about the Garmin Venu 3 watch:

  • Phone calls: You can make and take phone calls from your watch with compatible smartphones right from your watch with the built-in speaker and microphone. Plus, use the phone’s voice assistant to respond to text messages and more.
  • Sleep coach: Not only can you track your sleep, but you can now get personalized coaching for how much sleep you need and how to improve it. You can even keep track of naps.
  • Workout benefit: The Venu 3 tracks your workouts like other GPS watches, but it goes a step further and helps you understand how each workout affects your body and how much recovery time you need afterward.
  • ECG App: The ECG app uses sensors to record the electrical signals that control how your heart beats and can analyze the recording to detect signs of irregular heart rhythm.

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