Hüma Chia Energy Gel PLUS

Hüma Chia Energy Gel PLUS

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Huma PLUS is a high electrolyte formulation of Huma Chia Energy Gel. Strawberry Lemonade also has 25mg of Caffeine.

Don't like gels that taste like cough syrup? Neither do we.


Savor the taste with flavor that comes from real fruit puree

100% All-Natural

Be healthy with our Real Food ingredients combined with finely-blended Chia seeds

Easy to Swallow

Consume Huma Gel smoothly and easily with our high water content/real food formula

No Stomach Issues

Enjoy your gel without worrying about nausea or finding the nearest bathroom

Long-Lasting Performance

2:1 Glucose (short and long chains) to Fructose ratio combined with all 9 essential amino acids give you maximum boost

Why use Chia? Well among many great aspects of chia, its fibers ensure a steady energy release and NO flash-crashes.

Gluten & Dairy Free, Vegan Friendly