Nathan Terra Fire Hand Torch 300R

Nathan Terra Fire Hand Torch 300R

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The Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch is the perfect complement to any runner's life. From walking your dog at night to running your favorite trails, producing 300+ lumens, the Terra Fire 300 can light the way. Comes equipped with a comfy and adjustable hand strap that allows for a totally grip-free and effortless carry in either hand. The downward projection angle of the light allows you to run naturally and cast light on the road in front of you. The built-in whistle is designed to easily alert other runners if you are in distress or to scare off critters in the night.

GRIP FREE - Designed to fit your hand comfortably while you run without having to grip the light - allows you to run with a relaxed hand

120 DB ALARM - Alert passerby, deter unwelcome attention, or scare of critters in the night. Audible from over 500 Feet

LONG LASTING LIGHT - 40 hours on low, 24 hours of light on medium, 9 hours of light on high

WATER RESISTANT – Rain, snow, or sleet – this flashlight will be there to light the way. IPX4 – Weather resistant


LED Front: Cree White LED (300+ Max Lumens)

2XAA Batteries

Water Resistance: IPX4 – Weather resistant

Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch Usage Instructions - Download the PDF

Lighting Modes:

Low – 40 Hours

Med – 24 Hours

High – 9 Hours