OS1st AS6 Arm Sleeve Pair

OS1st AS6 Arm Sleeve Pair

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The OS1st AS6 Arm Sleeves use medical-grade compression to promote circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.

OS1st designed the the AS6 Arm Sleeves to target elbow pain, support large muscles and stabilize tendons.

Like the OS1st Performance Calf Sleeves, the Arm Sleeves work by employing graduated compression in six zones:

  • Zone 1: This zone, closest to the wrist, has light compression for comfort and an easy fit
  • Zones 2 and 3: Firm compression for ligament support, improved circulation and enhanced performance
  • Zone 4: Light compression around the elbow and inner arm for free motion
  • Zone 5: Moderate compression stabilizes the bicep and tricep, and it supports ligaments in the elbow
  • Zone 6: Light compression gives you a comfortable fit

Designers created the AS6 to provide relief for people suffering from tennis elbow, chronic elbow pain, sore arms, arthritic elbows and bursitis. The bicep-to-wrist length also gives you sun protection.

Measure around the widest part of your bicep for the best fit, and match the circumference to the size in this chart:

Sleeve Size

Bicep Circumference


8-10 in / 20-25 cm


10-12 in / 25-30 cm


12-14 in / 30-35 cm


14-16 in / 35-40 cm