UCAN Edge Sample Pack

UCAN Edge Sample Pack

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There’s never been a better way to try the award-winning UCAN Edge energy gel that's long-lasting and easy on the stomach. UCAN packs its Edge formula with a slow-burning carbohydrate called LIVSTEADY instead of simple sugars, giving you sustained energy that’s easy to digest.

The UCAN Edge Starter Pack includes:

🏃 6 Energy Gels – In 3 delicious flavors: Strawberry Banana, Pineapple & Orange

⚡ Long-lasting energy, one gel lasts up to 75 minutes

❌ No sugar or caffeine, no spikes or crashes

Whether you need energy for the long haul or you’re focused on fitness and health, UCAN Edge delivers lasting energy without sugar.


Consume one pouch of Edge about 30 minutes before exercise. For workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes, eat one pouch of Edge every 60 minutes. Adjust the amount you consume based on your individual needs.


It’s UCAN’s revolutionary complex carbohydrate that delivers steady-release energy over time, eliminating the spike and crash in glucose levels caused by sugar and fast carbs. Maintaining stable blood sugar allows for better daily energy, workout endurance, hunger control, and metabolic health.